November & Autumn 2012 Weather Stats for Grand Rapids, Michigan

10:06 PM, Dec 3, 2012   |    comments
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Grand Rapids (WZZM) -

The weather during the month of November was typically cool but much sunnier and drier than usual.  The autumn season (September, October and November) was virtually the same with typical temperatures, but sunnier than average and with much less snow than usual.

Temperatures during November averaged 40.1°F, which is exactly average, but it was 3.6°F cooler than last year (43.7°F).  Fourteen days were warmer than usual sixteen days were cooler.  The highest temperature occurred on November 11 with 71°F while the lowest temperature occurred on November 20 with 27°F.  The autumn season averaged 51.3°F, which is exactly average, but it was 1.4° cooler than last autumn (52.7°F).

Precipitation was well below average last month measuring only 0.49", 3.02" less than usual, making it the third driest November on record after 1936 (0.43") and 1904 (0.06"), and 2.01" less than last year (2.50").  There were only three days with measurable precipitation, which is ten days less than usual (13).  Autumn precipitation was below average with 8.78", 2.27" less than usual but 0.92" more than last autumn (7.86").

Snowfall totaled 0.3" for November, 6.5" less than usual and 0.4" less than last year (0.7").  Autumn snowfall was much lower than usual with 0.3", 7.0" below average, tying for the tenth lowest on record, and 0.4" less than last autumn (0.7").

There was 42.8% of the possible sunshine last month, 15.1% more than usual, making it the seventh sunniest November on record, and 64.9% more than last year (37.9%).  There were two clear days - one less than average (3), nineteen partly cloudy days - fourteen more than usual (5), and nine cloudy days - thirteen fewer than average (22).  Autumn sunshine amounted to 53.7%, 10.3% more than usual and 3.4% more than last year (50.3%).

No thunderstorms were recorded in November.

No daily temperature records were set in November.

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