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Video of eagle grabbing baby is a hoax

7:16 PM, Dec 19, 2012   |    comments
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(WZZM) - Is it real or a fake?  That was the question many people were asking Wednesday as a viral video made its rounds on the internet -- and was even shown by traditional news organizations.

The video shows what is supposed to be a golden eagle in snatching a baby from the ground in Montreal, Quebec.  
An eagle grabbing a baby is some pretty scary stuff.  Don't fear just yet because, upon closer inspection, the video depicting the incident is a hoax.  So far, though, the video has received five million views on YouTube. 
The video was created by a three-dimentional animation school in Montreal called Centre Nab as part of its yearly "hoax the internet" exam.  The school released a statement that it made the video and that it is fake.  
Only by a frame-by-frame analysis could you spot that the eagle was computer generated.  You would also notice other flaws, like the dissappearance of the bird's shadow.  
How do you tell a real video from a fake?  It certainly is becoming more difficult to tell, as technology is making it easy to create impressive videos. For example, there is a video of man going off a giant waterslide is fake.  (Click here )  Also, video of a girl jumping to grab a ball is fake. (Click here)

We're also linking to a video of a boy flipping and making a basket -- and it is real. (Click here)

You need to watch any viral video with a healthy dose of skepticism.  If something seems to good to be true, or something feels off, it probably is. 
You should also do a quick internet search about the video because, just as fast as a video goes viral, so do efforts to debunk them. is a great site that regularly debunks hoaxes. 

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