Ticket sales up for the Grand Rapids Griffins

8:59 AM, Jan 2, 2013   |    comments
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Doug Janik is congratulated by Griffins teammates after a first-period goal

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) - More people in the audience, means more opportunities for extra fun at Grand Rapids Griffins games. "We say it's never just a game, here with the Griffins," said Spokesperson Randy Cleves.

Tens of thousands of tickets have been sold for this season. "I don't know the percentages off hand, but we have had increases," continued Cleves. He cannot tell if the rise is due to the minor league hockey team's winning season so far (putting them in first place in their division), or if more people are going to games because of the NHL lockout.

No matter the reason, the staff at Van Andel Arena is stepping up the entertainment for the extra guests. "Things like the dollar dogs and dollar beers, different unique give-aways, things that are going on post-game."

The big crowds are also fun for the players, especially since a few of them haven't been able to advance to the NHL this season because of the lockout. Brendan Smith was supposed to move up to the Red Wings: "Hopefully in the next few weeks, they can come to an agreement...and I'll be able to be penciled in, but until then, I'm fortunate enough to play here."

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