Governor seeks bi-partisan support for road repairs

1:31 AM, Jan 17, 2013   |    comments
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Governor Snyder says an investment of $1 billion more a year in Michigan's infrastructure would save the state $25 billion over the next decade.

LANSING, Mich. (WZZM) - Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder is reaching out to Democrats in the state legislature.

In his State Of The State address Wednesday night, Governor Snyder said he wants to raise an extra $1 billion a year for road repair.  Some of the money would come from higher vehicle license fees and a wholesale gas tax.

And even though many democrats are still angry over right to work legislation rushed into law last month, Governor Snyder is asking both parties to support his plan.

"We can decide how long we want to argue about it, how political we want to make it, or we can just use some common sense and get it done," Governor Snyder told the joint session of the state legislature Wednesday night. 

The Republicans hold a majority in both the Michigan House and Senate, but to raise taxes and fees for road repair, the Governor may need the votes of some Democrats.

"I'm hopeful we can work together," said Grand Rapids Democrat Winnie Brinks. "But in order for that to happen the tone of the last two years needs to change."

"I hope he is sincere in reaching out to democrats," added Grand Rapids Representative Brandon Dillon. "But so far,  I have not seen any evidence there is any substance to his rhetoric."

Governor Snyder says spending $10 billion more on the state infrastructure over the next decade would save the state $25 billion, create 12.000 jobs, reduce vehicle repair bills and save the lives of nearly 100 people involved in car accidents every year.

"I hope we can work together," he told the lawmakers.

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