The Auto Show: More to see than just cars

9:30 PM, Jan 17, 2013   |    comments
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Model standing in the Lincoln booth at the North American Auto Show

DETROIT (WZZM) - At the North American International Auto Show there are certainly a lot of cars, but there is more to do than just look at cars. Each automaker makes their booth interactive, fun, and just plain interesting.

Now of course cars are the reason why you would go to the show, and in this arena the auto show certainly delivers. Ford has brought out the oldest surviving Ford in existence. Ferrari is back with a beautiful super car, and check out the all electric Tesla model S which looks like a cheetah with wings.

But you can only look at so many cars before they are just seem like blocks of steel on four rubber tires.  Enter then the interactive activities.

There are a number of interesting car simulators that are more then just a screen and a steering wheel. Ford has a full motion car simulator that lifts you four feet off the ground and shakes, twists, and turns as you drive on a virtual course.

Toyota takes away the car and the steering wheel to provide a simulator where your hands grab an invisible wheel as you test drive the Prius for 60 seconds.

Michelin has a booth that lets you experience what a tire feels like on a vibrating road. You stand looking at a monitor while you put your hands on a vibrating surface.

Chevy has two cool activities worth trying out: They have a hot wheels race loop that you can pit yourself against someone else as you shoot toy cars at a target. The other activity is a video booth that turns you into a flipbook.

As you walk around, take note of how many people there are whose soul job it is to keep dust and fingerprints off every car. It seems every five minutes someone is wiping down a vehicle.

So if you're interested in something more than cars and you want to take a look at models, or need an excuse to play with technology, the North American International Auto Show is for you.

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