Court rules drunk driving on segway legal

3:09 PM, Jan 24, 2013   |    comments
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MEDINA, Minn. (KARE)  - A man arrested for DWI while operating a Segway has successfully fought the charges.

Mark Greenman, a 48-year-old attorney, argued that the Segway should be exempt from Minnesota's DWI laws under the grounds that it is a "personal mobility device" and not a "motor vehicle".

A district judge ruled in his favor last year and Tuesday an appeals court upheld that ruling.

"I think the court used common sense," says Minneapolis DWI attorney Douglas Kans. "I mean, where do we draw a line on a motor vehicle? (Segways) are not designed to be on highways. The DWI statute is designed to protect drivers on highways and roadways."

The city attorney of Medina, Steve Tallen, argued against Greenman and his Segway. He still believes the Segway should be considered a motor vehicle and subject to the state's DWI laws.

Medina's city council will decide whether to further appeal this case to the Minnesota Supreme Court.


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