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Firearm ammunition, magazine prices skyrocketing

1:41 AM, Jan 25, 2013   |    comments
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WALKER, Mich. (WZZM) -- An estimated 15,000 area hunters are expected to attend the "Huntin' Time Expo" at the Deltaplex in Walker over the next few days -- and one of the big topics will be the current shortage of ammunition in West Michigan and nationally.

Concern that the government would take away or curtail gun rights continues to fuel gun and ammunition sales.  Randy Brown continues to sell out of both at Randy's Hunting Center.  He says handguns are in hot demand.

"[One] gun used to sell for, back when everyone used to be able to get that gun, right in the $350 bracket, with two 15-round magazines," said Brown.  "These days, it's really hard to find two 15-round mags for that money, much less the gun."

Curt Brower of Zeeland has felt the effect of the shortages.  He just spent $75 on ammunition and magazines for his weapon, but got half of what he would have for the money just weeks ago.

"I don't know where the limit is going to be," Brown said.

That's what scares him, and some other hunters here.

"Some of these [ammunition] companies are back-ordered from two years to more than 50 years of back-orders," said Brower.

The increasing price of all this ammunition adds up for a large hunting family like Browers'.

"It makes it harder and harder, puts the strain on everybody," said Brower.

"It's always on the back of your mind now, go out and shoot, I'm going through a lot of expensive ammo," said Dan Terhorst.

Brothers Dan and Mike Terhorst say they may cut back on target shooting, but nothing will keep them from hunting.

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