WZZM's Hannah Saunders completes 26 random acts of kindness

7:52 AM, Jan 28, 2013   |    comments
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(WZZM) - A few days after the Sandy Hook tragedy, we told you about a tasty snack we received at the station. A woman anonymously dropped off four dozen donuts, along with a note.

The note said that she had chosen to give us donuts as one of her 26 random acts of kindness, in honor of those killed at Sandy Hook. It also asked us to pass the idea along...so we did the following morning.

To help you come up with ideas, WZZM's Hannah Saunders took the challenge herself. She wanted to find as many creative ideas as possible, and many that didn't involve spending money, as a way for everyone to be inspired.

Here are her 26 acts:

1. Applied to "Big Brothers Big Sisters."

2. Left some quarters on top of public washers and dryers.

3. Paid for the people behind her in the drive-through.

4. Cleaned the editing rooms at the station.

5. Gave a bag of cat food to the Humane Society of West Michigan.

6. Took a little time on Christmas to give a stranger's car a jump.

7. Failed at jumping said stranger's car, so gave him a ride home.

8. Also on Christmas, took some treats to a nearby senior home, then visited for a bit.

9. Brushed the snow off neighbors' cars.

10. Picked up some trash in a parking lot.

11. Drove home to help her sister record and edit a color guard routine, to send to colleges.

12. Drove an earpiece out to someone who forgot it at the station.

13. Wiped off gas pump nozzles to help kill the flu.

14. Participated in the Great Skate Winterfest with the Grand Rapids Griffins.

15. Complimented a stranger.

16. Gave blood.

17. Helped a friend move.

18. Let someone go in front of me in line at the grocery store.

19. In the same shopping trip, put back more than just her own shopping cart.

20. Offered Meteorologist Aaron Ofseyer a complimentary night of babysitting his daughter.

21. Making an effort to recycle more.

22. Finally got around to donating some old clothes.

23. Fed someone's almost expired parking meter.

24. Left a glowing review online for a local, small business.

25. Left a $5 fast food gift card on a random person's windshield.

26. Brought the random acts full circle, and brought in donuts for the early morning crew.

You can check out Hannah's Facebook and Twitter page to see more of her coverage on the acts. If you have any ideas you'd like to share, comment below for all to see!


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