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Responsible gun ownership reduces accidents

9:30 PM, Jan 30, 2013   |    comments
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GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- At Silver Bullet, guns are their business. Instructor Mike Visser tells us many gun accidents can be preventable by following four key responsible ownership steps.

First, develop muscle memory by practicing the proper stance with an unloaded gun. Practice 2,000 times or five minutes a day.

Second, buy a proper holster to prevent shooting yourself or having the gun fall out during an attack.

Visser says, "What we're looking for mostly is a holster made for the gun's make and model. It has a nice snug fit so if I have to move quickly won't fall out. And it is covering the trigger guard."

After buying the holster don't use leather softeners. Leave the gun in the holster overnight, then reholster the gun dozens of times so it molds to the leather.

Third, use a portable lock box. Some read you finger prints or use a combination and an alarm.

"You can bolt them down to a nightstand or a dresser and they have a quick access button top on them." 

The fourth and final tip, take the NRA's first steps program if you're shooting for sport. 

"It covers the basics, how a gun operates, all the safety rules, fundamentals, and basic skills we use when out firing for practice." 

If you're goal is home protection take the concealed pistol course, even if you don't plan to carry in public. It teaches you all the techniques so no one in your family ends up a statistic.

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