Toddler has uncommon automotive aptitude

1:31 AM, Feb 2, 2013   |    comments
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GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - There are more than 300 vehicles on display in Grand Rapids this weekend at the Michigan International Auto show at DeVos Place.

And two-year-old Eli Campbell from Grant can name nearly all of them.

"Ford Mustang, that's a Ford Mustang," Eli says with a pointed finger while strolling through the show with his father.

And this blue one asks his dad?

"Audi," the boy replies without a pause.

He's just a toddler, but Eli Campbell has the uncanny ability to recognize the make and model of most cars on the road.

He is equally good with foreign and domestic brands.

"He started seeing car commercials on television and remembered what he saw," explains Eli's father, Matt Campbell. "Once we saw he really, really liked cars, his mother and I started taking photos of car symbols and cars and showing them to him on our cell phones like flash cards. He remembers them."

He can't read and has trouble pronouncing some of the names auto companies give their vehicles, but Eli knows nearly every style from sedan to SUV.

"That's crazy," marvels a staff member at one company display. "Very impressive."

"That's about the coolest thing I've seen," adds a visitor after seeing the boy demonstrate his skill.

His father, who is a an executive producer at WZZM 13, describes himself as a little bit of a "car nut" and says that might explain where Eli got his automotive aptitude.

But still.

"I can't believe a two-year-old boy can remember all of this," he says. "I mean we love him and he is the most amazing boy in the world to us, but this is a cherry on top."

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