Super Saver: Overpaying for internet?

7:05 PM, Feb 14, 2013   |    comments
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(WZZM) - How much are you paying for your home internet service?  Whether you get it from DSL, cable, satellite or your phone's data plan, chances are you're not using nearly all of what you're paying for. 

According to Ryan McMillen of CCS Technologies, most Americans have more speed and bandwidth than they need. 

"For about $20, you can easily get two to five megabits per second in most cases and that fits the needs for a large variety of people.  You don't need a 50 meg plan unless you're doing an awful lot of high definition streaming."

McMillen says a majority of Americans only use their internet service for e-mail, Facebook, casual web browsing and paying bills online. 

"90% of the time, your computer is not going to be used and during that time you're still paying for that bandwidth.  Really the only reason somebody needs a 50 gigabite or higher plan is if they have many computers on their network, all doing a lot of video streaming and gaming.  Those are the kinds of people that really use up bandwidth." 

McMillen adds people often mistakenly think downloading music requires a large amount of bandwidth.  "Audio is to a lesser degree, because it is about three to four megabites maximum, where as definition video can be tens if not hundreds of megabits."

According to McMillen, a majority of us "can probably kick it down a notch."  No use paying for what we're not using.

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