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Holland's Economy Inn: Pressure on to fix violations

10:01 PM, Feb 16, 2013   |    comments
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  • Economy Inn, Holland.

HOLLAND, MI (WZZM) --  The Economy Inn in Holland now has just one day left before the city can decide to shut it down.

WZZM 13 paid a visit Saturday to check their progress, and found a crew hard at work.

Power drills and hammers came out in force Saturday. It's going to take a lot of power to  fix ten violations in room 114 alone at the Economy Inn.

These are just a fraction of the problems found on the 22 pages of violations handed down by the City of Holland.

Over in room 121, a crew was working to fix seven issues, including a leaking sink.

Nine guys were attemping to gut most of the first floor by the end of the day. The manager said some were employees and some were contracted.

Economy Inn co-owner Jaimin Patel didn't want to go on camera Saturday, but told us the same thing as he did Thursday; Everything would be finished by Monday's deadline.

"We got a plumber, we hired a contractor, keep doing what we can," said Patel on Thursday.

All 80 rooms are not up to city code; they have holes in the walls, and are infested with cockroaches and bedbugs.
One hotel guest -- who didn't want his name used -- says he's seen them.

"There are cockroaches, there are some bugs," the guest said. "They've sprayed some sometimes, but I still see some occasionally."

Patel apologized repeatedly for the mess, and wouldn't let WZZM shoot video. He says he didn't believe it would attract the roaches.

"I don't think anymore than it already has, and I do keep it clean for the most part," he said.

There were old orange peels and food crumbs on the floor, which are exactly what cockroaches love.

Many of the motel's violations downstairs are listed for rooms with microwaves and roasters, which are not allowed, but have been ignored until the city stepped in.

Now it's a scramble. Garbage still has to be removed from the property, replacing some carpet and rotting wood on stairways.

It all must be complete by Monday or guests have until March 14th to move out.

The motel is also required to come up with a plan to reduce police calls.

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