Holland residents petition for city water service

8:13 PM, Feb 19, 2013   |    comments
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At least one resident petitioning for city water service is concerned about low water levels and water quality.

HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM) - A group of Holland residents are petitioning for city water service, because of ongoing issues with their private wells.

One man in the neighborhood on Hiawatha Drive wants city water to be made available at a reasonable price. Robert De Wilde is concerned about low water levels and water quality in his private well.

"We had it tested a half a century ago, is that still good? I don't know," says De Wilde.

De Wilde recently collected petition signatures from about half a dozen neighbors in the same situation.

"The city owes us the option of having city water. We're right smack in the city, and we're not far removed on a high hill in the middle of nowhere," says De Wilde.

De Wilde says he's surrounded by homes that get city water. In fact, a city fire hydrant is just down the block from him.

"[On] the north end of Hiawatha, the homes have water and [on] the south end of Hiawatha the homes have water," says De Wilde.

Holland city leaders are now considering the request.

"It's basically the homeowners' choice, and their choices have changed over time, so we will respond to that request," says Ryan Cotton, Holland city manager.

However, city leaders say it would likely be a cost-sharing project between residents and the city. The City Manager says an engineering study must be done, and then the specifications and cost will be determined.

De Wilde says there are concerns over the cost and at least one neighbor refused to sign the petition.

"They're interested in water, but they're not interested in paying $10,000 for it," says De Wilde.

The city council is expected to discuss the water-service issue during Wednesday night's meeting. City tax dollars don't pay for water service, instead it comes from a separate user fee.

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