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Try It Before You Buy It: Café Cup

7:31 PM, Feb 21, 2013   |    comments
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Try It Before You Buy It: Café Cup

ROCKFORD, Mich. (WZZM) -- Many people love the convenience and speed of their single-cup coffee brewers, like the Keurig. You pop in a disposable pod, and within seconds you have a fresh-brewed cup of your favorite coffee. But those pods can be expensive and a lot of disposable waste. That's where the Café Cup reusable single cup pod comes in.

We tested it out with Laurie Ketelaar of Rockford, who is in love with her Keurig coffee maker. She said the convenience of the single-cup brewer outweighs the added expense. She said a 12-pack of the pods of her favorite Starbucks coffee blend usually runs her about $8.99. That same Starbucks brew in a 12 oz. bag costs about the same, but you can count on getting roughly 34 cups of coffee; that's more than double.

But what about convenience of the Café Cups? The package of four refillable pods comes with a scoop, and we found one scoop of coffee fills the pod, so it is quick and easy. The Café Cups go in the same way you place in your pods, and we found the coffee looks and tastes the same, with the same strength as a single pod.

Café Cups can also be used with tea or hot cocoa. The only problem we discovered is that with hot cocoa, it can be a bit messy. Once it's brewed, the chocolate powder turns to a syrup that messes up the inside of your brewer. It was easy to clean up, but something to note.

Laurie still likes the convenience of her disposable pods, but she says she'd use the Café Cup as a back-up if she needed it, because it does work. For anyone looking to save money or save the waste from all the disposable pods, the Café Cup is a good option.

We found Café Cup for $9.99 at Walgreens.

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