MMA fighter supports state safety regulations

6:52 PM, Mar 29, 2013   |    comments
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Holland, Mich. (March 29, 2013)

HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM) -- Many who love mixed martial arts say the sport is safe, if there are rules. However there are no regulations for amateur MMA fighting in Michigan and state lawmakers want to change that.

At Xtreme MMA in Holland, Eric Lozano says he could find an unsanctioned fight with amateurs in Michigan every weekend. Lozano will make his pro debut next month, but as an amateur he's fought in matches with no blood testing available and no doctors around.

"I've seen somebody get hit and they go into a seizure and they're on the floor and we don't have the medical staff that we need and it's kind of scary," says Lozano.

In Michigan, there are no regulations for amateur MMA fighting and no requirement to report or keep record of matches either. MMA experts say that means people with no experience often are facing an opponent who's been in 30 or 40 matches.

" A lot of these amateur promoters know who is going to win before they even set the fight up," says Ray Lopez, a pro MMA fighter.

"The experience level is so different that somebody can get seriously hurt in that kind of matchup," says Andy Jamrog, owner of Xtreme MMA.

Pro matches, on the other hand, are regulated. Michigan lawmakers now are considering the same health and safety measures for amateurs.

"We've been to shows all over the country, it's just long overdue, its just unsafe for the fighters," says Jamrog.

"There's plenty of people who want to train and be fighters, it's just getting them to do it the right way," says Lozano.

Michigan is one of about a dozen states where amateur mixed martial arts is legal, but not regulated.

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