Pranks ahead for April Fool's Day!

8:11 AM, Apr 1, 2013   |    comments
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(WZZM)- April Fool's Day is celebrated in different ways all over the world, but here at home we know the day as a day for pranks and laughter.

The history of April Fool's Day is unclear, but many believe it all started in the 1500's in France. That's when the Gregorian Calendar was introduced and New Year's Day was moved from being a week-long event on March 25th- April 1 to what we now know as New Year's Day on January 1.

April Fool's Day has manifested itself in many different cultures. For instance, in Scotland, tricks mostly involve the victim's buttocks, and those victims are all called the "Gowk," another name for the cuckoo bird.

In Rome, April Fool's Day is known as the Festival of Hilaria and it's celebrated on March 25th.

In India, the holiday is celebrated on March 31st for the arrival of Spring. People play jokes here and also smear bright colors on each others bodies.

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