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Friend of B.O.B. victim talks about fall

6:14 PM, May 14, 2013   |    comments
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  • The stairwell inside The B.O.B. where Kevin O'Brien fell. (May 13, 2013)

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM)- Grand Rapids Police are confirming that alcohol was a factor in a man's deadly fall at the B.O.B. early Sunday morning.

"He's a nice person," says Quincy Pearson. "I can't say anything bad, I don't think he has an enemy in the world."

Pearson is still trying to accept the fact that his good friend, Kevin O'Brien, is gone. The 36-year old was taken off life support Monday evening. Pearson says the decision to donate Kevin's organs has given the O'Brien family some peace.

"That he was able to help, his life was taken, but he was able to help someone else's life," he says.  "I think that was a big influence in donating his organs."

Pearson says O'Brien and some friends went to "Eve," the nightclub on the top floor of the building, late Saturday night.

"To get up to Eve, you have to take the elevator or the back staircase, back staircase up," he says.

O'Brien took the stairs at the end of the night. An investigation into exactly what happened is underway, but O'Brien fell from the fourth floor to the ground below.

"We just want answers, I guess whether he tripped or fell, or got pushed," says Pearson.

Grand Rapids Police say that alcohol was involved, but so far, there is no word from The Gilmore Collection, the owners of the B.O.B.

O'Brien's death is the third at the B.O.B. complex since 2009.

"They could at least come forward and say something," says Pearson.  "Make a statement."

The two most recent deaths happened within a month.  Many have asked why changes haven't been made to the stairs.  A source tells WZZM 13 news that a plan was in place before O'Brien's death, to make the railing a foot and a half higher.

Pearson can't understand why nothings been done.  

"My heart is hurting," he says.  "I know the family's is hurting. It's hard to process a situation like this for something as simple as a fall."

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