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Try It Before You Buy It: The Air Curler

6:23 PM, May 16, 2013   |    comments
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LOWELL, Mich. (WZZM) -- It's one of the most requested products we've been asked to test: The Air Curler.

The Air Curler is getting a lot of commercial play right now. It attaches to your hair dryer and swirls your hair around to create those loose, full curls.

The commercial guarantees the Air Curler will give you beautiful, soft, tangle-free curls that will last all day. Lauren Stanton tested it out with her hair stylist, Sarah Allchin. She has long hair that was perfect to test it on and could also give us her expert opinion.

First, the Air Curler is a bit awkward to use. You place your slightly damp hair (your roots should be dry) inside the bowl, and then turn on your hair dryer. The directions warn against using HIGH heat, but we found it wouldn't curl unless we used the HIGH heat setting on our dryer. Then you use the cool setting to set the curl.

We found it did create the ringlet-looking curl you see in the commercial, but when we went to separate the curl, it was a snarled mess. You couldn't separate the curls without having to unsnarl the knots. We found the only way to keep the curl was to leave the knots in.

But, we weren't happy with the finished look because the top of your hair looks all wind-blown because of how you use the hair dryer to create the curl.

Sarah says you'll get much better results simply using a curling iron. It was also weird because you have to change the direction of the Air Curler pieces to change the direction of your curls, so that was cumbersome to do. It also is too bulky to sit on a small counter top very easily and just didn't seem better than other hair-styling tools.

We found it online for $14.99 plus shipping and processing costs. We haven't seen it in stores yet.

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