Dadds Magic Bus leaves customers stranded... again

5:54 PM, May 22, 2013   |    comments
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Dadd's Bus Company

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- Several people hoping to see a Tigers game are out hundreds of dollars because their bus didn't get them to Detroit.

13 On Your Side exposed Dadds Magic Bus in 2009 and again in 2011. Now, two more groups have come forward saying they didn't get the service they paid for.

"When we got there, there was no bus," says Jenae Jackson. She and her friends purchased a package online through Dadds Magic Bus for a Tigers game on May 11, 2013.

When they got to the pickup location in Grand Rapids at 3 p.m., the bus wasn't there. "She said I'll check for you, don't panic. I said, OK, we're supposed to leave in seven minutes, I have 29 people waiting."

Jackson texted back and forth with the office manager who said the bus driver was lost. The Tigers game started at 7 p.m. "We waited until 5:45 and a bus never showed up."

Jenae's group never got to the game.

Neither did Brian Roberts and his friends. On the same day, their bus ran out of gas right in front of a busy on-ramp to the highway in Walker. When the driver went to get another vehicle, a he says a mechanic from Dadds showed up to help.

"We saw him walking down the road with the gas can. He filled up the tank, and asks for the keys. The driver had taken the keys with her," explains Roberts.

His group also didn't make it to the Tigers game that evening. He was able to get back the cost for the transportation, but Dadds left him a message saying that they weren't responsible for the tickets.

A man from Dadds said, "What happened was you didn't make it to the game. It's not our responsibility and we will not refund for that reason."

In Jenae Jackson's case, she was told she would get a full refund. "And they said, we're sorry this happened and we want to refund you, refund in full. My friend Jordan was with me, we all shook hands on it."

In the end, Jenae only got back part of the money. Dadds later told her that they weren't responsible for the tickets.

WZZM 13 took the cases to Nelson Miller at Cooley Law School for a legal opinion. He says the groups purchased the Tigers tickets and the transportation as part of a deal.

"Here, it's a charter, it's a special situation. It would appear that a package situation that the charter company would have the responsibility and liability for not getting customers to the game."

Dadds would not do an on-camera interview with WZZM 13, but did say over the phone that they offered the two parties a voucher for the remaining amount. Both Brian and Jenae declined the offer and said they never signed any kind of contract.

13 On Your Side asked Dadds for a copy of its policy agreement. This is what we received:

Per your request our statement is very basic and simple. This was out of our control and a great disappoint to all parties involved.
(# 2) In our policy and agreement it states that we do not refund money for tickets or events.

This is stated in our agreement. We do offer the convenience of getting the tickets for groups however we do not refund tickets and neither do the Tigers.

The Tigers trip that was a failure on May 11th have been fully refunded for the transportation. The Tigers would only offer a discounted date and we have offered that to the customers. We have also offered a credit for services for the amount of the tickets in service.

We are sorry the events of the day made them choose to use their tickets in hand with out our transportation. They did have that choice.

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