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Try It Before You Buy It: Wraptastic

9:33 AM, Jun 14, 2013   |    comments
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ZEELAND (WZZM) -- Wraptastic is a dispenser for plastic or foil wrap that's supposed to make perfect cuts every time, with no bunching, sticking or uneven tearing.

Kendal Anderson says she does have problems on occasion with plastic wrap clinging and sticking together and helped me test it out.

The commercial for Wraptastic shows it has no-slip rubber feet to keep it in place. But that was the first thing we noticed, the rubber feet don't stop it from sliding when you try to dispense the plastic wrap. You have to hold it the same way you would a typical box of wrap.

It also did not make a clean cut the way the commercial shows. Little pieces of plastic came off. It also tore the plastic unevenly and left rips in the middle of the plastic on one attempt. It also left unusual holes in the foil wrap, which would short you about a half inch of foil every time.

Wraptastic was more of a hassle than a helpful product. It was more work to put it together than just using the box the plastic or foil wrap comes in. We definitely would not buy it.

We found it online for $10.99 and you get two if you pay the extra shipping and processing.

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