Take Five cooks Pan-Seared Scottish Salmon

12:11 PM, Jun 13, 2013   |    comments
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Pan-Seared Scottish Salmon Recipe:


Scottish salmon filet

8 oz.

Bourbon pineapple glaze

2 oz.

Seasonal Vegetables


Tomato basil risotto


Cooking Method:

Pan sear salmon, grill season both sides

Grill/sauté seasonal vegetables with salt and pepper to taste

Heat risotto

Place seasonal vegetable on plate

Scoop risotto onto plate

Put salmon on top of vegetables and risotto

Cover with Bourbon pineapple glaze





Courtesy of:  Gun Lake Casino

Greg Horvath, Sous Chef  and Travis Narlock, Line Cook

Gun Lake is featuring a 2 for $20 BBQ (ribs) special this month.

They will debut a new menu on Monday, June 17 with new items and old favorites.

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