Take Five Summer to Fall Cocktails - 8/23/2013

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"The Jealous Duke" 

(Ingredients & proportions)

2oz MI Sour cherry-infused Woodford Reserve Bourbon*
.75oz Amaro Montenegro
.75oz Founder's Pale Ale
1 tsp Orange marmalade
Garnish: Marinated sour cherry**
Preparation instructions: Mix all ingredients in a heavy mixing glass. Fill glass with ice, and stir very well for 20 seconds. Fine-strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with a flamed orange peel and a marinated sour cherry (and a hop sprig, if available).

*Sour Cherry-infused Woodford Reserve:
Place 1 cup of Michigan sour cherries (with pits!!) in a large mason jar or infusion pitcher with 3 tbsp brown sugar. Fill jar with 750ml of Woodford Reserve Bourbon. Age for 1 week, strain, and bottle.

**Marinated Sour Cherries:
In a 16oz mason jar, place a vanilla bean and a 4-inch strip of orange peel. Add 1/2c vodka. Fill mason jar with whole, stem-on sour cherries. Fill jar to the top with simple syrup. Let marinate for at least three days before use. 

Specified garnish: Marinated sour cherry, flamed orange peel, hop leaf (if available)

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (August 21, 2013)-- Grand Rapids Area restaurants participating in Restaurant Week Grand Rapids will soon learn who the winners are of the judged and people's choice competition for winning the best cocktail in two categories for the Grand Cocktail 2013 competition held during Restaurant Week Grand Rapids.
Twelve finalists competed to win the "Best Manhattan" and the "Best Creative Cocktail" for Restaurant Week's Grand Cocktail 2013 judged competition. The People's Choice competition includes 30 restaurants competing for the public's vote within the two categories. People's Choice voting is taking place through August 22nd at 11:59 p.m. - votes can be submitted by the public on www.RestaurantWeekGR.com under Cocktail Contest.
The results of the competition will be announced at a special event at Grand Rapids Brewing Company on Saturday, August 24 from 4 to 5 p.m. (with short presentation starting at 4:30 p.m.) The public is invited to attend the announcement event. Grand Cocktail "mini drinks" for $3 and happy hour appetizers for $5 will be on special for those attending the event.
Grand Prize Winners of the judged event will receive a two-night all expense paid trip to Louisville, Kentucky with lodging at the Galt Hotel with amenities and a VIP tour and lunch reception at Woodford Reserve. Second and third place finalists will receive dinners at some of the Restaurant Week restaurants and "People's Choice" winners will receive dinner at the Heritage Restaurant at GRCC operated by the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education.
Courtesy: Torrence O'Haire, The Starving Artist, www.thestarvingartistgr.com

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