Swim, Bike, Run in the Michigan Triathlon

6:36 PM, Aug 25, 2013   |    comments
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The finish line at the 2nd Annual Michigan Titanium Triathlon

GRAND RAPIDS, (WZZM) - The 2nd Annual Michigan Titanium Triathlon took place Sunday in Plainfield Township. Hundreds of participants from as far away as Alaska came to the Grand Rapids area to swim, bike, and run. This is the only full ironman in the state of Michigan.

The full ironman is an endurance event it as it consists of a swim that is 2.4 miles long, a bike ride that is 112 miles, and run that is a marathon length of 26 miles, but as hard as that sounds some of the athletes said a triathlon which includes a marathon run is easier than just a marathon.

Ann Vidro is a co-director of the event and a triathlon athlete. "A lot of people will say that doing a triathlon with a marathon at the end is actually easier than just running a marathon for some reason the way you reserve your energy," explains Vidro.

Even the first place finisher of the half-triathlon, Nicholas Stanko, agrees saying that he needs a month to recover from a marathon, but only a week for a triathlon. "You just can't run the same way in a triathlon after a long bike ride, so it is easier on the body", explains Stanko

The energy at the finish was very positive, and the weather. Runners would often run the last 100 feet with friends and family, but the scariest part of a triathlon is the beginning swim.

"Yea I would agree. Being cramped in a small area in a place you can't touch or see the bottom. Where everyone is whacking you in the arms and kicking you in the face. That is the scariest part for sure for sure," says Amy Mueller who was the first place female winner of the half-triathlon.

The Michigan Titanium isn't just for the young as the oldest participant in this year's race was 84. For full race results you can visit

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