Effort to stop community speed traps

10:06 PM, Aug 26, 2013   |    comments
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SPRING LAKE, Mich. (WZZM) -- A proposal to increase speed limits and decrease speed traps by a state senator has a lot of people talking about the rules of the road. 

WZZM 13 received dozens of comments on the station Facebook page about the speed traps in West Michigan, including one off U.S. 31 in the Spring Lake area.

Entering Spring Lake from U.S 31, It's not the greeting most drivers want.  Jordon Berghuis, an employee at Two Men and a Truck, knows what to look out for, but says other drivers don't. 

"You're coming pretty fast off the bridge, so that's usually where they'll catch you," says Berghuis.

"It's awful tough at times to be at exactly the speed limit they want you to be," says driver, Michael Megna.

In fact, WZZM 13 received a number of viewer comments about the Spring Lake exit being a speed trap. Others mentioned U.S. 31 and Jackson and further south on the highway at Lake Michigan Drive.

Now, Republican State Senator Rick Jones wants all the roads reevaluated and in many cases speed limits to increase. 

"That sounds really good, I have two speeding tickets but they were not right here," says Berghuis.

However, some drivers say the so called speed trap at the Spring Lake exit is necessary.

"If we didn't have a police presence, there would be accidents everyday, that's how hard it is to get across the street," says driver, Leanne Stewart.

Spring Lake city leaders and police were unavailable to comment or tell WZZM 13 the number of speeding tickets written in the area.

"In this particular case, there's a reason," says Stewart.

"I think there are spots people have to adhere to the speed limit, but I think in that particular spot is a little over kill," says Megna.

WZZM 13 also received many comments saying drivers should obey the speed limit and then they won't get a ticket.  They say there is no need to change the law.

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