Building a Teacher-Parent Relationship

11:01 AM, Sep 3, 2013   |    comments
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Ways to develop a positive parent-teacher partnership.   



1. Reach out to the teacher! Attend conferences, science nights etc. Let your teacher know that you are involved in your student's education.


2. Think of the student, teacher and parents as a team. This will provide the most positive educational atmosphere for your student.  Be honest with the teacher about your child's behavior and quirks.


3. Develop a communication plan that works well for parents and teacher.


4. Give praise and have positive interactions with the teacher to help build the relationship. Then when a problem arises, it will be easier to find a solution.  Discuss the problem with the teacher and try to work it out with them, do not go above the teacher's head.


5. Help out any way you can! Even if you work full time and cant make it into the classroom, you can donate supplies etc.


6. Remember, teachers go into education because they are typically caring people who are passionate about learning and teaching.

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Melissa Vogel

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