Try It Before You Buy It: Shake 'N Share popcorn lid

7:19 PM, Sep 5, 2013   |    comments
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Shake 'N Share

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- It's the newest idea to come to your movie-going experience. Giant displays at Celebration Cinema are promoting the new Shake "N Share popcorn lids. They're plastic lids that go over the top of the popcorn bucket to make it easier to add butter and seasoning to your whole bucket and the lid can be removed for a bowl to share with others.

It's a concept that came from the inventor, 22-year-old Justin Kovitz of Mt. Pleasant, when he was trying to share popcorn with friends and was left with the unbuttered popcorn at the bottom of the bucket.

Justin and his dad shopped the idea around and wound up at Display Pack in Grand Rapids. Engineers there helped tweak the design several times and have come up with several versions. The lids are manufactured at their Grand Rapids facility. Alexandra Peterson, a packaging account specialist told us they were thrilled to get Shake 'N Share off the ground.

Shake 'N Share launched at CinemaCon in Las Vegas and movie theaters have been buzzing. Justin said "Celebration Cinema had it before we even had the prototype done. They're all like this is a great idea, can't wait to have it. They were right on board in the beginning - also Imagine Theaters in Michigan and NCG."

I gave it a shot and realized it's almost like a Tupperware lid, where you have to get the entire rim under the lid for it to fit securely. It can be tricky because the bucket sides can collapse, but if you're careful and cover the whole rim, it works great to add butter or seasoning and give it a shake.

And as a mom of two boys, the sharing part of the Shake 'N Share is the best part. The lid is like a full bowl, so no one will feel like they're not getting a fair amount and it's much easier than trying to pour into the small bags they give you or other types of trays.

And the true test is whether there would be buttery popcorn at the bottom of the bucket, and the whole thing was coated with buttery goodness all the way to the end.

Justin sees the Shake 'N Share being distributed to theaters across the country. And thanks to this Mt. Pleasant inventor and a Grand Rapids company, it's all Made In Michigan.

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