Online Buzz - September 22

4:13 PM, Sep 22, 2013   |    comments
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From Yellow Jacket website

(WZZM) Did you get your new iPhone this week?  Or are you afraid of your old iPhone being stolen while out at ArtPrize?  Did you know that the stealing of iPhones has become known in some cities as "Apple Picking?"

The folks at Yellow Jacket have the item for you.  It is the iPhone case that also includes a stun gun!  The case runs $140 and also charges your phone.  Click here for details and to order one -

The major part of health care reform comes available starting on October 1st - the health exchanges open and you must get insurance.  Confused?  Most of us are, but we do have a page where we are adding all the information that comes down, including some special productions and links from our Healthy You team.  Click on ObamaCare on the Features bar for more.

And making a face like a duck and putting it on Facebook is a thing, I guess.  And in Muskegon, it is a really big thing and the Duckfaces of Muskegon is up to almost 5,000 likes.  Find pictures of people you know at .

And as a special to those who read this and tweet...and like making fun of ArtPrize.  This just started Friday night and I'm not sure how far it will go, but there is promise.  Follow @ML_Fartprize (More Like FartPrize) on Twitter.

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