Seasonal hiring looks good

2:17 AM, Oct 17, 2013   |    comments
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More dads are getting involved in shopping for their children's Christmas gifts.

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- Seasonal hiring is up compared to last year, 39% of retailers plan to bring in extra workers.

Chad Stanton, started at East Grand Rapids UPS Store as a seasonal worker after losing his full time job of 30 years.

Stanton says, "I'm very thankful because there's a lot of people who take a long long time to get a job and I was able to have this ready"

UPS owner, Phil Benson, hired him to help with the 11-hundred packages they get in December alone.

Benson says, "It's starting to gear up a little bit, done some hiring it gets busy"

Like UPS, many service companies are hiring for the holidays.

Career builder says 33% are in customer service, 18% in shipping, and 17% in inventory.

So who are they hiring? 45% of the hires are college students, 34%are experienced workers like Stanton, and the rest are high school students.

Benson says, "Many of them are college students looking to get some experience in the real world working with the customers."

Stanton was lucky, his season job, has now become full time work.

"It didn't last just for the holiday but it kept me going."

Stanton says he's thankful and loyal to his manager, and is putting his 30 years of experience to work, everyday.

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