26-year-old's insurance canceled because of ACA

6:48 PM, Oct 30, 2013   |    comments
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Insurance Plan Canceled

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- As the U.S. House Committee continues its Affordable Care Act hearings, millions of Americans are finding out that their current insurance plans are being canceled.

Jordan Cloud, 26, is one of them. He was happy with his insurance. "It was affordable to me at this stage of my life," says Jordan.

Jordan works a part time job and attends Grand Rapids Community College. He felt like he was being responsible by getting insurance and paying for it on his own. "The insurance was the Blue Cross Young Adult, it was a really good plan. Then, I got something in the mail that said it was going to be cancelled and I had to switch plans."

Jordan was offered different options but they were triple the cost and they offered care he didn't need.

"I'm really going from a independent financial individual to someone who needs help from the government to pay for insurance."

Jordan logged onto healthcare.gov but ran into problems right away. He took pictures of the error messages. "I first tried to log-on and for several hours, it said I had not registered my email, password did not work."

The Obama Administration has promised to fix the site but like many, Jordan is frustrated by the process and has given up. He continues to look for a private plan that is affordable and fits his needs.

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