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1. Who is Dr Jeff Hendricks?
• Grew up in West Michigan -- Went to Michigan and Michigan State
• Residency in Brooklyn ER, Fellowship in Gene Transfer
• Practiced Integrative & Alternative Medicine
• Tri-athlete
• Invented RIZE and Halo beverages as an alternative to the garbage out there.

2. RIZE is the Anti-Energy Drink, Energy Drink.
• The big-name energy drinks on the market are bad for you.
• Full of high fructose corn syrup, and sugar.
• Some people are afraid of energy drinks because of the jitters, or the crash. RIZE doesn't do those things.
• Perfect for busy moms to get that extra boost during the day. Focus on all the things that you need to get done.

3. The Ingredients in RIZE are what matters.
• 100% Natural - 100% Safe.. Other drinks cant match up. (use b-roll of chart)
• It doesn't taste like gasoline - We have 2 flavors, Apple/Pear & Citrus/Mango
• Trehalose is fuel for the body - comes from the resurrection plant.
• Huperzine A is fuel for the mind - focus, clarity, helps the brain...
• Little bit of caffeine from Green Tea.

4. It's Safe for Kids too!
• Helps kids focus in school. Drink it before a big test
• Improved concentration and memory in kids.
• Give to kids before sports practices for an extra boost of energy
• I've worked with several schools and coaches to share with their athletes.

5. RIZE is available at Meijer, and Harvest Health
• You can find RIZE near the pharmacy section in Meijer
• Comes in packs of 4 at Meijer, full cases are available at Harvest Health
• Print off an exclusive coupon at www.rizeperformance.com The $2 off coupon is good at any Meijer store on a 4 pack of RIZE.

For more information www.rizeperformance.com


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