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Xbox One release could lead to fake sick calls

7:53 PM, Nov 21, 2013   |    comments
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HOLLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WZZM) -- The highly anticipated Xbox One release at 12:01 a.m. Friday could lead to an unusual number of sick calls.

There's something going around in the video game world and symptoms include "zombie fever." On the Xbox website, there's even a fake doctor's recommendation encouraging people stay home and play the new video game system.

"I think we'll have some zombies here at work staying up all night playing the Xbox," says Matt Demos, a sales manager at Best Buy.

Outside the store, customers came nine hours early for the anecdote. One man was buying the Xbox One for his son.

"He's looking a little tepid, a little warm, a little green around the eyes, yeah," the father says jokingly.

Demos says customers of almost any age buy the Xbox system. However, he described one group that is the most loyal customer.

"Around 20 years old, young male adult," says Demos.

With previous releases, video gamers have been known to call in sick at work the following day to play.

WZZM 13 looked into what type of bogus sick calls employers could see. At furniture maker OMT Veyhl in Holland, supervisor Bruce Chase has fielded plenty of them in the past.

"They needed a personal day because they needed to take their goldfish into the veterinarian because it was sick. I also heard I can't make it because my car ran out of oil," says Chase.

Starting at midnight Thursday, it could be the zombie flu as well.

"Now, I'm worried about second and third shift because I do have a couple people who are gamers on those shifts," says Chase.

According to the fake doctors letter, the treatment takes between one and three days. Best Buy says more of the cure is on the way, if needed.

The Xbox One follows the release of the PlayStation Four earlier this week. Best Buy says both video game systems have helped boost sales leading up to the Christmas season.

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