Made in Michigan: Do-It Corporation

6:16 PM, Nov 28, 2013   |    comments
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SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. (WZZM) -- Michigan's second-in-command is highlighting a West Michigan company to show that the state is open for business.

Last week Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley visited South Haven-based Do-It Corporation for its 40th anniversary. The company sells plastic display hangers.

Mark McClendon's father started the company in 1973 in Illinois. "35 years ago my father wanted to live on the ocean and moved to Lake Michigan instead."

The idea for the company started by hanging a simple deck of playing cards, then the Do-It Corporation decided to take a gamble.

Now their product is hanging thousands of other products, including food, clothing, beauty products and in stores like Walmart and Target.

Not only that, but about 35 countries are buying from this Michigan company. "We're proud of the fact that our largest export customer is China, usually it's the other way around," says McClendon.

McClendon says it's hard to get a job at the company because most of the 65 Michigan employees don't want to leave. "The average employee has worked here for 15 years. It's a good place to work."

"I take pride in my work, everything that goes out of here has my name on it and I'm not going to send something out the door with my name on it that is not of good quality," explained machine operator Wendy Hernandez.

Do-It Corporation says it is coming out with a new product soon: a handle that will be used to hang large purchases at stores like Sam's Club and Costco.

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