Mecosta Co. sex assault victim speaks out

1:06 PM, Dec 15, 2013   |    comments
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Duncan Eric Willis II

MORLEY, Mich. (WZZM) -- Until now, a 911 call has given us the only clues into a terrifying hostage standoff in Mecosta County.

Three women were raped and another murdered between the late night hours of November 21 and the early morning hours of November 22.

Duncan Eric Willis II is in police custody, facing charges of murder and multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct. One of the three alleged victims, Jamey, talked to WZZM 13 Friday about what Willis allegedly did to her that night.

Before November 21,  Jamey had met Duncan Willis II only a few times. 

"Whenever he came over for a cigarette he seemed like a gentlemen," she said.

That night, two of Jamey's friends were over. They both knew Willis. But that night, she says Willis was different.

"When he came in, the rage was so bad," she said.

Jamey was on the phone with her boyfriend in Philadelphia when it all began. She says Willis was drinking and asking why Child Protective Services was after him.

She said, "He put the barrel in three of our mouths in the room and asked which one of us bitches called the cops on him."

Jamey was able to get her 7-year-old son and his friend into another bedroom. But her friend's 7-month-old baby stayed with the women.

Jamey says Willis made the three women strip completely naked, then made them kneel in a row on their hands and knees with their heads down and our legs spread.

"He made it very clear to us many times that he hated white people," she said.

Meanwhile, Jamey's boyfriend, who had heard her screaming until the phone went dead, frantically called her mom for help. Unfortunately, that cost Jamey's mother her life.

"I heard her coming through the front door and she was yelling my name. And he looked at me and said if anyone comes through this door I'm going to blow their head off," she said.


Jamey didn't have enough time to warn her mom. 

"I went numb," she said. "He took that gun, and he just blasted. And she was gone."

Jamey says Willis then moved the women from the bedroom to the living room, near her mother, where the sexual and physical abuse continued.


"And he just had the gun on us. All I could do was sit there and look at my mom," she added.

Even now, Jamey says she can't understand his state of mind.

"After firing the shot to kill my mom and he looked at me and cried," she said. "All he kept saying was is he just snapped."

But then the abuse continued for nearly eight more hours; Jamey says that isn't remorse.

The ordeal that began at 7:30 p.m. ended at 4:30 a.m. for the women. That's when Jamey says they ran to freedom.

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