Camping Week: Living the Dream

2:35 PM, Jan 23, 2014   |    comments
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DeVos Place

Howard & Linda Payne quit their corporate jobs and sold their house at age 41. Though they were living what most people would call the "American Dream", they felt there was more to life than what traditional society expected.
So, in a moment of enlightenment, or mid-life crisis if you prefer, they gave up all they knew, including a steady paycheck, for life on the road in an RV for an indefinite period. That was in 2005.
Along with that decision, they decided to start a website called It is a site in which Howard took the mounds of research he had done and compiled it into one place for others considering full-time RVing. In addition, he and Linda decided to open up their lives and post their journey, their triumphs and mistakes, and their financial information for a more complete, honest look at full-time RVing.
That little website has grown into quite a community and includes a daily online journal, a forum, a live chat room, and more.

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