Pit bull tied up, abandoned during 'polar vortex'

11:02 PM, Jan 23, 2014   |    comments
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HOLLAND, Mich. (WZZM) -- Tied to a pole and alone in the bitter cold, that's how Holland animal control found an abandoned pit bull in the midst of last week's polar vortex. The Harbor Humane Society is using the incident as a reminder for people to protect their animals in the extreme cold.

The pit bull named Kong is between three and four years old, loves peanut butter, and now probably hates the cold.

"They checked his paws to make sure there was no visible frost bite," says Adam Burnett, marketing manager for the Harbor Humane Society.

The animal shelter doesn't know why the owner would abandon Kong. He was found behind a Holland strip mall last week at around 1 p.m. on one of the coldest days decades.

"If you can think back to last week and how cold it was with the polar vortex, this dog was chained to a pole and found," says Burnett.

The shelter believes Kong was outside for several hours before animal control rescued him.

"He came in and was shivering," says Burnett. "We got him right in time, if he would have been out there more than half-an-hour, he probably would have been getting worse and worse and worse."

Animal control also received other complaints like one owner who left his dog in a dog house. They gave a bowl of water to the dog and thought that was OK, but the shelter says the problem is in the extreme cold, the water freezes in no time.

The Harbor Humane Society is making recommendations for the bitter cold, such as wiping the dogs paws to prevent frostbite, keeping it on a leash at all times, and even buying warm clothing.

"They make so many cute doggie sweaters and they are adequate for every size dog, that helps keep them warm. Never let them out there and then leave them, always supervise them," says Burnett. "Something may spook them and they could run off."

For now, Kong is staying put. He's warm, healthy, and ready for a new home. The Harbor Humane Society says to adopt Kong the fee is $137 for Ottawa County residents. If anyone witnesses animal abuse or neglect, they are encouraged to call Ottawa County Animal Control at 1-800-249-0911

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