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Water to be permanently shut off at mobile home park

11:02 PM, Jan 23, 2014   |    comments
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NORTON SHORES, Mich. (WZZM) -- Find a new place to live or wait for a last-minute solution that will keep them in their homes. Those are the options 22 families at Crestview Estates mobile home park are weighing.

The mobile homes at Crestview Estates have lost their mobility and residents may have to leave them behind. "There is no way of pulling that away. It is too old of a trailer," said resident Laura Blackwell. 

Norton Shores officials will shut off the parks' water and sewer service for good on February 17. With just over three weeks to prepare, Margaret Ellison says she is scrambling. "We are kind of in a loss. We have got to find something that we can afford."

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The city is taking action after the parks' owners didn't pay a 
$5,000 water bill that is months overdue. In a letter to residents, city official claim the owner has no intention of making the payment now or in the future. So shut-off notices were delivered, giving residents time to solve big problems.

"How we are going to live and where we are going to live at?" wonders Blackwell. 

Ellison will have to walk away from recent investments, including a new hot water tank, electrical box, and windows. She pays $45 a month to Crestview Mobile Park LLC. The company is responsible for the parks single water bill.

Tim Burgess, the Muskegon County Land Bank Coordinator says he has tried to contact Crestview Mobile Park LLC several times, but each time he was not put in touch with anyone who had the ability to make decisions. The company is based in the Detroit area.

The land bank is selling the one time tax foreclosed park to Crestview Mobile Park LLC on a land contract. The payments are current, however Burgess suspects the company may walk away from the contract.

"We have to get some formal indication that they are giving it back. We have been told antidotally that that is the case, however we have yet to receive anything in the way of them quitclaiming to the land bank or anything indicating that their land contract is going to be ceasing," said Burgess.

Park residents have a sliver of hope the land bank will get the park back and solve the water issue. But Burgess says right now there are too many questions and not enough answers. "We are trying to explore the options from every angle, but not knowing what is going to happen that is difficult right now."

So Ellison will keep looking for another place to call home. "I hope someone out there has something for not just me, but for everybody."

The large water bill may have been caused by one or several leaky water pipes inside the park. Repeated calls to Crestview LLC for comment on the problem were not returned.

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