Driver saves man nearly frozen in I-96 snow bank

10:45 PM, Jan 29, 2014   |    comments
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WALKER, Mich. (WZZM) -- Luck, destiny, divine intervention, a newspaper delivery driver for MLive says he doesn't know what made him look toward a pile of snow along I-96.

But because he did, he may have saved the life of a stranded driver.

"When I saw him I had to get down and help him, it didn't matter what," recalled Al Slot. "Anybody would have, it's a human life."

Slot was driving a load of newspapers from the printing facility to Muskegon. Shortly after passing the Fruitridge exit, he saw a disabled car.

"I'm looking on the shoulder to see if he's walking and the next thing I know, I look to my left and see this black object out in the snow out in the median and I'm thinking is it a truck tire or something. I slowed down and saw a human arm waving and I thought, 'Oh my God, it's a person!'" Slot said.

He pulled over and ran out to help the man. "He had no hat on, he was in pajamas bottoms and a long black coat... that black coat is what caught my attention."

Said the man's hands were white from frostbite and he didn't talk, just moaned. "I could just imagine what was going through his mind: 'Is somebody ever going to stop?'"

Once Al Slot got the man up to the road side, two other vehicles stopped and helped get him warm until police arrived. The man survived his time out in the bitter cold, but police still aren't sure why he was out of his car in the cold, for how long, or if he knows about the truck driver who stopped to help him.

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