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Box Office Mom: That Awkward Moment

11:58 AM, Feb 3, 2014   |    comments
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Rating: 2 out of 5 buckets
Release Date: January 30, 2014
MPAA Rating: R
Best Age Group: 17+
Sexual Content: Moderate
Violent Content: Mild
Crude or Profane Language: Excessive
Drugs and Alcohol:D Moderate
Will it Appeal to Teens? No
"So, where is this going?" That's the question that Jason hates, and that's when he decides to end it with a girl he happens to be dating, or just sleeping with. This is the story about three best friends from college, now in their twenty's and working in New York City. Jason (Zac Efron) is a lady's man who fears commitment, Daniel (Miles Teller) is Jason's "wingman" who always helps him find his next girl, and then there's Mikey. Mikey is a doctor who thought he found true love, but caught his wife cheating on him. After hearing Mikey's news the three boys make a pact to avoid a serious relationship. They want to be carefree, play video games, and pick up girls at the bars. Initially this plan sounds great to the boys... but is it really what these college graduates want? That Awkward Moment is a R-rated comedy about the awkward moments of dating and relationships.

These three singles guys, especially Jason, lie to women and treat them poorly, however they ultimately learn their lesson and quickly mature. They find out what's important in a relationship and how to treat respectfully treat women.
This film seems as though it would appeal to teens; with Zac Efron, from the High School Musical series, Seventeen Again and many other popular pre-teen films, and Miles Teller from Footloose. However, the plot is boring and not much too it. This could have been a really good movie like St. Elmos Fire from the 80's, though it's not entertaining and not well done.
Sexual Content: Moderate
• We see several couples in a sexual encounter, though their private parts are covered we see explicit sexual motions.
• Jason (Zac Efron) goes to a party wearing a dildo attached to the outside of his pants.
• There are sexual references regarding oral sex, masturbation, condoms, pornography and male and female private parts, throughout the whole movie.
• The three guys in the film take Viagra before having sex; there are many jokes about that as well.
Violent Content: Mild
• One character punches another.
Crude or Profane Language: Excessive
• The f-word, "sh-t," "p---," "d-nm" ,"b--tard," "d--k," "p---y," and "c--k," are said throughout the whole movie.
Drugs and Alcohol: Moderate
• The characters socially drink throughout the film.
Will it Appeal to Teens? No
That Awkward Moment is an R-rated comedy, which is not that funny. See Anchorman 2 instead! Parents need to be aware of the excessive language and moderate sexual and alcohol contents.

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