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National Slap People's Butt Day causes riff in Greenville

5:11 PM, Oct 9, 2007   |    comments
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GREENVILLE - A desire for a "holiday" gave a few Greenville Middle School pupils a little more than they bargained for over the past two weeks. Chris Bartosiewicz of Greenville spoke up during Monday night's Greenville Public Schools Board of Education meeting, expressing concerns about the behavior of some middle school pupils on Sept. 26. She said her eighth-grade daughter complained about being "slapped in the butt" that day. She said Sept. 26 was "National Slap People's Butt Day," according to several middle school pupils. The youngsters reportedly learned about the "holiday" on the Internet and spread the word around the school. "It was not in the hallways that I was aware of, but out on the playground," Middle School Principal Diane Brissette said of the slapping. She said with 400 to 450 pupils on the playground at once the slapping may have gone unnoticed by staff members. "It did not come to my attention from the students that the teachers were aware," Brissette said. Bartosiewicz said her daughter was slapped inside the school in front of her locker. Brissette said middle school administrators interviewed more than 40 pupils after the incident. Many claimed they had been doing it with friends, but two pupils were given three-day suspensions after they slapped children who were offended and reported the incidents. Eight other pupils also were suspended within the past two weeks for writing inappropriate things on the private areas of girls' pants. Nine pupils were involved, with eight receiving three-day suspensions and one getting a warning. GREENVILLE DAILY NEWS: Click here for more

Jessica Dudenhofer, Staff Writer Greenville Daile News

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