PSA focuses on Shaken Baby Syndrome prevention

11:33 AM, Oct 23, 2007   |    comments
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If you woke to the sound of a crying baby this morning, and you don't have any children, you were probably listening to a public service announcement by the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids. Click here to listen to the new PSA 19 radio stations including two Hispanic stations ran the one minute PSA which included 45 seconds of a baby crying. Physicians at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital want to draw attention to the growing number of children being treated for Shaken Baby Syndrome. The latest statistics show it is the leading cause of death or permanent disability among young abused children. Nearly 1,400 cases are reported every year. Tuesday night on WZZM 13 News we'll talk with a local family whose son is the victim of shaken baby syndrome. Travis Scholten was just five months old when his daycare provider abused him by shaking him. She is currently serving time in prison for her actions, but Travis' family lives with the consequences of her actions every day. Travis is now seven years old and is in need of constant care by his parents; he is also suffering from scoliosis and colitis as a result of his brain injury. You'll hear more about Travis' Tuesday night on WZZM 13 news.

Val Lego

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