Family's backyard bathroom riles neighbors

8:20 AM, Apr 23, 2008   |    comments
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ROCKFORD - A debate over a Kent County family's backyard Port-a-Jon is raising a stink among neighbors. The Brady family keeps the portable toilet in their back yard from Memorial Day to Labor Day so swimmers at their pool don't track wet footprints into the home when they use the restroom "It gets the kids out of the pool to use the facilities when they need to and also keeps them out of the house," says pool owner Barbara Brady. But the Brady's nearest neighbor on Lincoln Court says the outdoor toilet has a foul odor and shouldn't be permitted inside city limits. "Conditions are right and you are going to smell it," says neighbor Bruce Ward. "It's not a pleasant smell." Carolyn Ward took her complaint to city council where several members are sympathetic and don't think Port-a-Jons should be permitted unless there is a compelling need. "Not because you are having parties everyday and you don't want people running in and out of your house," says Councilwoman Janice Rogers. "That's not a reason." The Bradys are planning to open their pool on Memorial Day and unless council makes it illegal, they say they will also put their Port-A-Jon into service. "I'd like to keep it the way it is," says Barbara Brady. If we need to pass an ordinance to prevent this from ever happening again I think that would be a good idea," says Councilwoman Rogers.

Phil Dawson

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