Family keeps log-rolling legacy alive for 5 generations

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- Every family has its own traditions and pastimes. For the Manguse-Ogle family of Grand Rapids, it's log rolling, a legacy of this family for five generations.

It's been a sport since 1899, full of big, burly woodsmen. Now however, the competitors include 95 pound females with limber legs and lots of balance.

"You know it's so simple -- playing on a log in the water. It's almost childlike," said Mary Ogle.

Mary, a part-time WZZM 13 employee, is a fourth-generation roller; her children are fifth.

While other families fill the mini van to head for soccer or baseball tournaments, the Ogles go to northern Michigan and Wisconsin, to lumberjack events.

Son Jake, a high school senior, hopes to continue his career as a semi-pro. "I mean, it's my family legacy -- I kind of want to keep that going," Jake said.


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