Breakthrough: Peaches seem to kill breast cancer cells

(WZZM) - Peach season in Michigan is still a few months away, but there's a reason you may want to stock up. Doctor Giuliana Noratto with the University of Washington discovered the cancer-fighting potential of the peach.

Dr. Noratto began the work because of her mother's fight with breast cancer. She found when she gave the fruit's extract to mice, it caused the most aggressive cancer cells to die. The peach extract also limited the growth of breast cancer tumors and prevented the disease from spreading.

"Yes, I was surprised. Everybody was surprised," said Dr. Noratto. "Just by giving the mice the peach extract, the tumor didn't grow."

The study showed the reddest peaches contained the most cancer-fighting compounds. Canned peaches don't offer the same benefit. People can get the same dose as the mice in the study by eating two to three peaches a day.

Dr. Noratto also says her study shows the value of good nutrition in preventing cancer.

"Having enough fruits and vegetables that can provide these compounds in our diet, we might have a similar preventive effect," she said.

To read more about the study, click here.


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