Newer drug better for younger breast cancer survivors

(WZZM) - A newer drug may work better to keep breast cancer from coming back in younger survivors.

The drug Aromasin is an anti-estrogen treatment. It prevents other hormones from changing into estrogen, which can fuel breast cancer growth in patients with hormone receptor positive breast cancer.

A study shows aromasin reduced the relative risk of cancer recurrence by nearly a third compared to tamoxifen in women who haven't gone through menopause.

However, there's a catch. Women who take aromasin also have to have their ovarian function suppressed or there's too much estrogen in their bodies for the drug to work. Doctors can suppress ovarian function using medication or by exposing the ovaries to radiation or surgically removing them. That triggers early menopause.

According to the study, after five years, more than 91% of the women on the drug were still cancer free. However, women need to decide whether early menopause is worth the benefit of the better outcomes.

Tamoxifen has been the standard therapy for certain types of breast cancer for years. It has been proven to prevent recurrence over its five year usage by breast cancer patients.

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