Using electricity to fix an irregular heartbeat

(WZZM) - Researchers may have come up with a better way to treat millions of people with an irregular heartbeat.

Currently, the treatment for the condition is life long medication, but Canadian researchers say a procedure called ablation therapy could provide an easier solution.

The procedure uses electricity to knock out the heart cells responsible for irregular heartbeats.

In a two year study, more than 100 patients who had the therapy were half as likely to still have a faulty heartbeat.

Researchers say the procedure could be a good first option for people with this condition and doctors with the Cleveland Clinic agree.

"So, a patient come in, you discuss the treatment options, medication vs. ablation. This kind of study allows you, essentially, to consider radiofrequency ablation as a first line therapy before even going through medications," said Dr. Walid Saliba with the Cleveland Clinic.

The procedure has its risks and it might not be for everyone. To learn more about ablation therapy, click here.


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