Senior citizen warns about Medicare caller

WYOMING, Mich. (WZZM) - Maynard Hundley admits he might be "one of the most gullible guys around." He's also friendly, retired, and a heart transplant recipient who requires a lot of medication.

Friday evening, he and his wife Lois were getting ready about 6 p.m. to head out to watch a high school football game. The phone rang and a man said he needed to verify some ofMaynard's personal information so he could sendhim a new Medicare card.

Hundley thought it might be legit, part of the new health care plan. The man had the routing number for his bank, which is not hard to get. Then he wanted his checking account number.

Hundley waffled on giving out that data and asked to speak to the man's supervisor. A woman came on and said she was not with Medicare, but an insurance company called RCP. Hundley hung up, but the man called back.

Finally, Hundley did give him his account number and immediately regretted it. He spoke to his bank and never did lose any money.

"I might be the most gullible guy in town because I still think there are a lot of honest people out there, but there are a lot of people who-- that's how they make their living-- cheating other people," Hundley told WZZM 13.

His bank also reminded him government employees would not be calling his home after 4 p.m.

He wanted others to know about the phone calls he received, so they don't fall prey to the same problem.


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