College Station City Council to vote on $638K contract for park renovations

One item on the Thursday College Station City Council agenda will be whether or not to approve funding to improve some city parks.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Some city parks in College Station have become rundown with playground equipment that's nearly 30 years old. 

But on Thursday, the city council will vote on a contract worth $638,000 to address park improvements. 

The playground in Central Park needs a complete overhaul. 

"You can see here we've had to section off this area with plywood," said David Schmitz, the city's director of Parks and Recreation. "This unit is so old the manufacturer doesn't even make it anymore. "

Chipped paint and rusty steps also dot the playground. Grandmother Shalonda Robinson comes to the park with her grandchildren. 

"It's just nasty. It needs to be cleaned up. That'll be awesome," said Robinson. 

And it could happen to Central Park and 14 others if the city council approves the contract. 

Parks could receive new playground equipment, which includes replacing metal fixtures with plastic to help reduce burns, and rubber fall zones to replace gravel. 

I'm going to do a dance," said Robinson. "Thank you! Get rid of the gravel because it is horrible. They just pick it up and throw it."

In addition to safety, functionality and anesthetics are also reasons for the renovations. 

The contract is part of the consent agenda at Thursday's meeting and Parks and Recreation says lighting and sidewalks could be replaced or restored later on. 

Robinson hopes the contract is approved.

"Renew, remodel, restore and refresh," she said. 

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