Governor says Grand Rapids tax vote a 'positive indicator'

Grand Rapids, Mich. (WZZM) Now that Grand Rapids voters have shown overwhelming support for a road repair tax, some wonder if voters all over Michigan would pay more to fix county and state highways.

Governor Snyder calls yesterday's election in Grand Rapids a positive indicator.

Instead of letting it expire, two thirds of the residents who voted agreed to continue income tax increase for 15 years and spend the money on roads.

The governor thinks It might mean all Michigan residents fed up with poor roads are also ready to pay more for repairs. "In several town halls and events, I've been to, I've been asking people literally are they willing to pay? Most of the response I've been seeing, is 70 to 80% yes.

Governor Snyder says he's hopeful progress can be made on the state level. "I think there is a chance to do it now.... That's why I've been calling for this for the last couple of years, to get a solution in place."


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