More city neighborhoods to get snow cleared

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - Two more Grand Rapids neighborhoods are getting extra snow plowing service this week and residents are being asked to move their cars in preparation.

Thursday, from 8:00am until 2:00pm, an area on the west side of Grand Rapids, bordered by Lincoln NW, Walker/Stocking NW, and I-196 will be plowed. Residents in this area should move their cars from the streets before 8:00am.

Friday during the same times, plowing will take place in the East Hills/Eastown Area, bordering around Diamond, Woodmere, Hermitage and Wealthy. Residents should move their cars from there before 8:00am.

The plows will be pushing snow back from the roads and will likely be filling driveways and sidewalks again. Residents are responsible for clearing those out. Residents are also asked to help clear snow from fire hydrants.

"We have received complaints from police and fire departments about their ability to access certain streets," said Sundstrom. "We also have a database of every phone call that comes into the city so we can keep track of where those complaints are about people not being able to navigate their own street."

Volunteers with the West Grand Neighborhood Association handed out flyers Wednesday afternoon, alerting residents to move their cars off the streets from 8am to 2pm Thursday.

The neighborhood's executive director, Nola Jenner-Steketee, hopes some business people will help out after the plows go through.

"Are you going to be able to get me a couple of guys to shovel if need be?" she asked Dave Parm at Westside Garage. "Yep," he said. Parm has fixed enough destroyed sideview mirrors to know how bad it is around here.

"I've put probably five to six mirrors on this week, yea," he said.

This is a big reason Sundstrom wants to help. Like Tuesday in the East Hills Neighborhood, he's resorting to using pick-up trucks to plow. And once again, other city staff will have to get behind the wheel.

"I'm pulling employees from the water department, environmental services, parks."

While snow removal is on his agenda now, he hopes Mother Nature can help out.

"Fortunately the calendar is on our side, the sun is on our side," he said.

Slushy streets are good in the sense he wouldn't have to focus time or money on any more neighborhoods.

"We have 600 miles of streets, 7,000 blocks and intersections," he said, adding that he doesn't have the resources to help every neighborhood association.

Warmer temperatures would also be a benefit to drivers; more than 10,000 parking tickets have been slapped on car windows already this winter.

The 13 On Target Weather Team says light snow is in the forecast for Thursday. If it snows enough, Sundstrom say crews might have to delay the Westside project so plows can focus on clearing major roads first.


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