Funeral home urges people not to text and drive

JENISON, Mich. (WZZM) -- Cook Funeral Home is launching a new effort to stop people from texting and driving.

They unveiled the effort Thursday night at the Jenison football game. Nearly everyone attending the game against Grandville was asked to put on a bracelet pledging not to text and drive.

"The statistics were showing texting and driving deaths among teens has surpassed drinking and driving," says Ron Cook from Cook Funeral Home. "It impacts the community in a way little else does."

The funeral home has produced a 2 ½ minute video to play on location and online depicting the potentially deadly consequences of texting and driving.

"I think this will work. I hope so," Cook said. "I hope people don't text and drive. We got enough drunk drivers out there already -- we don't need texting and driving."

They encouraged people to watch the video and take the pledge not to text. The hope is the bracelet on their arm will serve as a reminder.

"If you are in the car, you see it; it reminds you to set your phone down. The text can wait," said Cook.

Ron Cook plans to attend several football games in the future to educate other teens and their families. He will also take the message to the Whitecaps game this weekend at Fifth Third Ballpark.


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